Trusted Autonomy

School of Engineering and Information Technology
University of New South Wales - Canberra - Australia


Air Traffic Laboratory

  • Tracking of flights in real time with historic & future trajectories

  • Real time processing and display of wind and weather Information

  • Real time data and predictive algorithms and aerodynamic calculations to accurately estimate arrival times at waypoints and Airports

  • Visualization of Flight plan route, trajectory flown, waypoints, navigation aids and more

  • Standalone and distributed simulation environment for modeling advanced ATM Concepts

  • Fully flexible for rapid prototyping of new ATM concepts

  • Runs in real-time and fast modes; interactive and off-line modes

  • Atmospheric and wind modeling Automatic air traffic scenario generation Large scale modeling tested with thousands of concurrent flights

  • Human-in-the-loop simulations with air traffic controllers and pilots

  • Easily adaptable to different computer platforms

  • Universal modeling of any airspace.